What you need to know about the #AmazonCart Twitter Hashtag

As a regular shopper on Amazon I can tell you that the new #AmazonCart is an interesting addition to selling online.  What the #AmazonCart hashtag allows you to do is add products to your cart in Amazon which you can later choose to buy.  This adds an interesting new disruption to selling socially.  No longer is social selling restricted to a Facebook page or simply sharing a … [Read more...]

How to Hide Annoying Posts on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Hide Functionality

If you use LinkedIn than I am sure you've run into this issue where some of your connections post annoying or too many updates at one time and it clouds your view from what you really care to be able to see on LinkedIn.  If that's the case than you should know that you can hide posts from people on LinkedIn pretty easily.  When you hover over a posting that someone in your … [Read more...]

How to Remove Connections from LinkedIn


Sometimes, you probably want to remove someone you might have previously accepted as a LinkedIn connection.  Am I right?  But where do you go and how do you do it?  Well today is your lucky day my friend because its time to see just how easy it is to remove connections on LinkedIn.  Now the networking folks out there might cringe when I say this but the truth is that there are … [Read more...]

How to Use LinkedIn Mentions

Using Linkedin Mentions

LinkedIn recently released the ability that when you are sending an update to your network of connections on LinkedIn you can now mention specific people in your network or companies.  Personally this is something that I am happy to see.  A lot of times when I use LinkedIn for networking with other professionals I want to call out specific information to specific people and … [Read more...]

How do you Represent Your Work Experience on LinkedIn

Linkedin - job-post-03

Recently, after receiving a promotion at work I decided to update my profile on LinkedIn.  I mean it makes sense right?  But I found myself trying to decide if I should have a separate title with the month I received my promotion, if I should just update my title or if I should update my title to include both titles to show my career progression.  I started to look at other … [Read more...]