So You’re Looking To ReDesign Your Website

If you've run your business for sometime chances are you might already have a website.  And chances are if you have a website, you are probably looking to redesign it.  Redesigning websites make a lot of sense because as your business changes and grows it may not be aligned with where you are today.  Recently I was discussing a website with a client and he mentioned that the … [Read more...]

Website Tip: Using Offsets to create Random Posts in StudioPress


In today's website tip I'm going to show you how you can create a more randomized look to areas featuring your posts.  In this tip I'm going to show you how you can take a StudioPress theme and customize it. To start with you are going to need to buy a StudioPress theme or the Genesis framework as this tip focuses on working with those web technologies.  Once you've got this … [Read more...]