Technology and kids don’t mix

ipad2It’s been my experience raising two daughters that technology and kids simply don’t mix.   Case in point.  Last weekend was Easter weekend and we took the kids to see Nanna and Grandpa and during the course of our visit we decided to use my iPad to play bedtime music for them.  So the girls went to sleep and we thought that was the end.  Well, my oldest daughter decided that she wanted the iPad in her bed and was playing with it when my wife found her.  My wife presented me with the iPad shortly after and a problem “I can’t get the speakers to work” and I thought, no problem, I am a pretty technical guy and I should be able to figure it out.

2 hours later, I still didn’t have working speakers and I was visibly frustrated by this.  In the end, after combing through Apple’s support forums (which offered me every possible way to fix this issue but didn’t actually work) I decided the only way to fix it was to reset the iPad and finally I had my working speakers again.  Which brings me to my point that sometimes “Technology and kids don’t mix”.  Now, I am all for learning and teaching my kids how to do things but if you are going to give your kids an iPad, Laptop or some other piece of technology I suggest that you make sure you ask yourself this question “Is it okay if my _______ gets broken?” and if you can answer “Yes, I am okay with that” then you won’t go wrong.

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