I Got a Personal Thank You From LinkedIn

LinkedIn Says Thanks

This past week I received an email from LinkedIn, a social networking service that I know and love to use.  The purpose of the letter is two fold.  One, that my profile is amongst a certain group of users that was in the top 5% of all profiles of LinkedIn that were viewed and two, that LinkedIn has passed the 200 million member mark.

200 Million members is no small accomplishment and as LinkedIn continues to enhance how people network for jobs, increase their network of professional contacts and stay in the loop on companies they follow.  Getting a letter thanking me personally for using a service that is basically free is a nice touch.  It reminds me of the “Give Them a Pickle” article I published recently and leaves me with a question that you can ask when you look at your business which is “What can you give people that visit your business, for free, that is unique, a nice touch and helps you build your business’ brand.  LinkedIn has done that here!  Kudos LinkedIn, on hitting 200 Million members and counting!

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