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If you’ve started a new website then chances are you’ve either thought about who is viewing my site.  My apologies to the “not-so-newbies” in the audience before we get started.  Part of running this site I realize that there is a duty to educate people who are new to the web and websites in general.  This brings me to the topic of today’s post which deals with people using web analytics for the first time.  Google has long produced some great tools and for the purposes of this article I am going to discuss Google Analytics.

The tool itself is designed to collect and display web analytics information about any site that you add the Google Analytics Tracking Code to and provides you a whole host of information about the visitors checking out your website, what pages they are viewing, where they are from and so much more.  So where can you get this tool?  Simply click here and create a Google Analytics account.  There is a lot of information you come upon when you design, host, build, create or otherwise own a website but the information about who is using your website is very valuable and Google Analytics can help you analyze till the cows come home!  Welcome to The Website Experts blog… The purpose is to educate the general public about their website and maybe if you are interested we can help you and your online business further.  Till that fateful day!

Luc Arnold

The “Head” Website Expert

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