Understanding Endorsements on LinkedIn

One thing that popped up recently on my LinkedIn profile was the ability to endorse skills that I have.  Now personally I don’t shy away from people telling me that I am doing a good job but I wasn’t sure how to look at Endorsements in LinkedIn when I first saw them.  I mean if I am basically like a skill that someone has, what does that mean exactly?  How does it help you in LinkedIn? And what is the point anyways?  Basically I was asking myself “Why should I even care?”  For the explanation as to why I should care let’s look at what LinkedIn has to say about the functionality of Endorsements in LinkedIn and more importantly on people’s profiles on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn says this about their new “Endorsements” functionality, “you have many smart, talented, and skilled professional connections. Starting today, we are introducing Endorsements, a new feature that makes it easier to recognize them for their skills and expertise.

Source: Introducing Endorsements

Okay, so really this is another way to establish credibility on LinkedIn but how does it work?  More importantly are their ways to skew the results such as asking people to endorse you for specific skills.  I personally have a problem with this because it talks about giving people credibility.  Its one thing to write a written recommendation about a position that you hold or have held in the past but just clicking and giving instant credibility is quite different.  Don’t you think?  Let’s have a look that LinkedIn created to show you just how their Endorsement functionality works for the full story…

Introducing LinkedIn Endorsements from LinkedIn

… So as you can see it looks good but it looks like LinkedIn is starting to act like Facebook in the way that this feature is released.  It is automatically available to everyone.  What if I really don’t want to have people endorsing me or what if I only want specific people to endorse me?  Is there a way to do this?  Well sadly no there isn’t but here’s what you can do to if you really don’t want people to Endorse your skills on LinkedIn…

  1. Don’t list anything in your “Skills and Expertise” section on your LinkedIn profile
  2. Don’t accept anyone’s endorsement or select specific endorsements that you want to appear on your profile.  By default you have the option to choose who’s endorsement appears on your LinkedIn profile and more importantly who does not.

If you find that you are getting sent a lot of Endorsement related email from LinkedIn and you are tired of seeing it in your inbox I would suggest the following steps…

Step 1: Go to Your Name | Settings | and select “Email Preferences

Step 2: Next, look for the “Set the frequency of emails” options and scroll to the “Endorsements” section

Step 3: From here, you can set the frequency of the email for endorsements people send you from “Individual Email” to “No Email” and click save.

Regardless of how and if you use endorsement on your LinkedIn profile I hope you found this article helpful in enhancing your LinkedIn profile further.

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