Useless CSS3 Patterns

I hope you are ready to check out some useless CSS3 patterns.  With the raise of HTML5 and CSS3 it was only a matter of time before someone created some design options for designers and web enthusiasts and that is exactly what eCSSpert has put together.  One of the projects that they’ve created is Useless CSS3 Patterns, a site that in my opinion is the exact opposite in that its very useful both as source of inspiration and a teaching tool for people looking to learn a little more about CSS3 and how to apply it.  The most interesting part is that when you select a design pattern you have the option to check it out in an editor right in the web browser which is not only cool but also useful!  Check it out today! 


  1. says

    Hey man,

    Thanks for your kind words. I’m really glad you like our website, and that Useless patterns has helped you. It’s nice to get this feedback.

    When we did the CSS3 Logos there were a few people complaining that they are useless. We wanted to experiment with the name, see how people react to it, and seeing people like you defending this sections make’s us feel more eager to roll out the new website. It’s not much for now, just reviewing all the code, polishing bits and pieces, but the road ahead of us is long, and the more support we get the better.

    Thank you very much,

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