Using Google Analytics in your small business

Small business is the mother of all invention and some of the best things have come out of small businesses. For instance, in a small business you are probably going to hear this when you present a solution “how much does it cost?” I have been a long time user, developer, tester and advocate of web analytics and using web analytics in business. Ever since Google Analytics came out what I’ve noticed is how businesses use it, especially small companies. It’s probably got something to do with the “FREE!” price tag and the fact that it has a pretty simple learning curve but with that said if your small business runs a website and you are not currently collecting statistics about your website than the real question should be “Why aren’t we using this?”

So you’ve got a website and that’s great but what is it doing? If you have a stock portfolio than chances are you like to stop by and see how it’s doing from time to time. Well, it’s the same thing with a website. Let me discuss some ways that web analytics and more specifically Google Analytics can help you get what you need to know about your website easily and where it can take your small business.

Who’s checking out my website?

Naturally you have a site built to do one thing and that is so that others can check out what you do, how you do it, where you are and how to reach you. Google Analytics has a general dashboard that collects and displays data about your website that is easy to read and understand as seen below.

Google Analytics Dashboard

From this you can tell the number of visitors your website has in a given timeframe, your website’s bounce rate, the average number of web pages someone views during a visit, where they came from, where they went on your website and more. Needless to say, this answers most of the questions about what your website is doing. How cool is that?

Who is bringing traffic to my website?

I personally think that the big selling point of any web analytics software like Google Analytics is that it allows you to see who or what is bringing traffic to your website. From this you can then develop marketing strategies, understand new advertising opportunities and partnerships for your small business and also understand the keywords people use to find you online. All this is available because you understand where you are getting your traffic from because you’ve implemented a web analytics solution. Without this you could be spending money without understanding who is interested in you so using web analytics in your small business could be ‘key’ to your success.

Where can web analytics take my small business?

From running a website for your restaurant, mortgage brokerage, consulting group or any other small business web analytics offer solutions that can give you added insight into how your business’ website is used by your customers, partners and anyone else looking at your website. For instance, you’ve just opened up a website for your new restaurant and you want to understand how people are finding it. Are they using the coupons you designed for your grand opening? Did they get referred to your restaurant from a review website? Through a PPC ad? Or something else? You can get the answers to these questions when you look at the data collected in Google Analytics.

If you are interested in learning more about how to get Google Analytics click here to sign up for an account. If you have any questions about implementing Google Analytics on your website you can post them below and if you need some help implementing web analytics for your small business then contact us. Happy web stats tracking!

Luc Arnold

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