Get your business on Google!

This article is all about putting your business on Google… For real!

I am being completely serious.  You can get your business on Google.  This article does not talk about first page results so if that is what you are looking for advice on stop reading.  However, if you are still curious then read on.  The current movement for business owners online today is gaining exposure in localized searches.  Yahoo! and Google have both launched their own versions of local business searches.  Now today I am only going to talk about Google but feel free to look for other ways to appear in localized searches like Yahoo! Local and others!

How do I get my business listed on Google?

Okay, I am getting to the good stuff.  A short while back Google developed its own “Local Business Center”.  What this allows you to do is add your business to Google and even have it show up on Google Maps so that when someone is looking for you they find you without issues.

All you really need to do is click here and open an account with Google if you don’t already have one and go through the following process to get your business on Google.

  1. Fill out the information about your business including address, website, your business description, your business category (you can add up to 5).  This will show you how your business will look on the right hand side.
  2. After you fill out this information you are brought to a page where you can enter your hours of business, photos about your business including your logo, what types of payments you except currently, add a video of your business, as well as adding customer information about your business.
  3. Once you’ve entered all of this you will be asked to verify your listing by phone, text message or mail.

Now you can get your business listed with Google’s Local Business Center and it’s pretty easy to do.  Why not try it out today with your business?


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