Using Product Importer Deluxe to Import Products into WP e-Commerce

After a number of posts from an article I wrote over a year ago I can see that a lot of people have an interest on importing into WP e-Commerce, an ecommerce plugin for WordPress that has well over 2,000,000 downloads today.  When I originally wrote about importing products into WP-Ecommerce I included a CSV file to help people looking to import into this plugin.  Since then I’ve tested and just updated this for use with the latest version of WP-Ecommerce ( running WordPress 3.5.  Feel free to download the CSV import file here!

Let’s shift our focus from the core functionality of importing into WP-Ecommerce and look at a plugin that you can add to your WordPress site and use for importing into WP-Ecommerce.

Product Importer Deluxe for WP E-commerce

Visser Labs
Click here to get it

Michael Visser of Visser labs produced a plugin that gives you more control over importing into WP e-Commerce called “Product Importer Deluxe”.  This plugin is like a CSV file on steroids because it lets you do a number of things from merging product changes in a CSV file with existing products to supporting use with third party plugins like All In One SEO, Advanced Google Product Feeds, SEO Ultimate and more.  There are a number of fields that you can import based on including….

  • SKU
  • Product name
  • Description
  • Additional description
  • Price
  • Sale price (Special price)
  • Additional Currencies
  • Permalink
  • Weight
  • Weight unit
  • Width
  • Width unit
  • Length
  • Length unit
  • Height
  • Height unit
  • Categories (with hierarchy support up to 4 levels deep)
  • Tags
  • Image (with automatic thumbnail generation)
  • Quantity (Quantity limited option)
  • File downloads (electronic download)
  • External link
  • External link text
  • External link target
  • Taxable amount
  • Disregard tax for this Product (Not taxable)
  • Add personalization (engraving)
  • Add image
  • Local shipping Fee
  • International shipping Fee
  • Disregard shipping for this Product (No shipping)
  • Merchant notes
  • Table Rate Price
  • Product Status
  • Comment Status

The bare minimum that you need to import for every product however are the following fields…

  • SKU
  • Product Name
  • Category
  • Price

Once you get past the $95 per site cost of this plugin using it is quite user friendly allowing you to do things like re-import based on past imports, Assign images to products, and map columns on a CSV import to fields on products in WP e-Commerce.  Here are a few screenshots below.

WPEC - Visser Labs - Past Imports


WPEC - Visser Labs - Import Mapping

If you are looking for a plugin to do the heavy lifting of managing products on your WP e-Commerce store then the Product Importer Deluxe Plugin will help you accomplish a lot of tasks around importing.

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