Using Revisions to Restore Content Changes in WordPress

Here is a tip for all of you out there running a WordPress website with multiple users and it can also be useful for those of you just running a WordPress website yourself.  Being able to audit a website and see who made changes to it is always a useful tool.  Here are some ways that looking at revisions can help you on WordPress posts and pages…

  • It allows you to see who made a change and when a change was made to a page or post
  • It allows you to restore an older version of a page or post

If your company has a number of people working on your WordPress site it can be beneficial to restore an older copy or if you are the type of person who saves changes and wants to see old copies or posts or pages then this WordPress tip will help you out.  So where can you do this in WordPress?  Well, if you happen to scroll down when you create or edit a page or a post in WordPress you will notice the following “Revisions” section….

… What you will notice is that there are a number of saves that have occurred and when you click on the associated link you can see the copy of the current content making this a quick solution to restore old copy and manage changes to your WordPress site.

When you click on one of the above mentioned links you will be taken to a page that looks like this…

From this view, you can look at a particular revision that was done on a post or page and from here restore the older content when you click the “Restore” link (As seen in the above screenshot).  As you can see, this is a very useful function in WordPress that gives you some ability to audit the changes on pages and posts in your WordPress website and restore old content and in a sense move backwards or forwards on content that has been displayed, changed or written over.  I hope that you enjoyed this WordPress tip so that you can get more out of using WordPress on your website.


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    Luc, I am wondering what makes that ‘Revisions’ box appear on some WP sites, but not all. I’m not seeing it on two of my sites when editing a page in the dashboard and thought maybe there was something I was missing in my settings. Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Nicole,

    I just had a thought as to why you might not be seeing the “Revisions” section on some of your WordPress sites. If you look in the upper right hand corner when you are editing a page and you see “Screen Options”, click it and make sure that the “Revisions” option is checked. Having this unchecked would hide the revisions section when editing your pages. Let me know if that did the trick Nicole. Talk to you soon,


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    Thanks Luc,

    I did finally find that. It worked on one of my sites, but not the other – because the other didn’t have “revisions” as an option under “screen options” – I’m thinking it might have to do with the theme I’m using. Doesn’t matter too much, it was the one site that I needed it shown on – the other is my own and I know where the revisions are in the database if I need them :)

    Thanks again,

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    Hi Nicole,

    You’re welcome! Are both sites running the same version of WordPress by any chance? Just wondering. Glad that I was able to help you out Nicole!


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