Using Shopify’s Catalog to Reach More Customers

Shopify Catalog App

Shopify is a great ecommerce platform based out of Ottawa, Canada so naturally I am partial to it being Canadian myself. But, in all seriousness, the bright and forward-thinking brains at Shopify recently launched an app simply called “Catalog”. Shopify Catalog is anything but a catalog in the traditional sense. What it allows Shopify store owners to do is to sell through the app and with more than 5 million products on Shopify stores today that represents a lot of additional sales for Shopify store owners. This is a great feature and it’s important to note the following for any Shopify store owners…

  1. Shopify store owners don’t have to do anything to ensure their products are available in the Catalog app other than making them available on their Shopify store
  2. Customers who love your products can click the love button on your products to act as a bookmark
  3. This app opens up a new way of selling using mobile commerce (These are transactions that take place on a mobile device like an iPad for example)

Check out some exclusive screenshots of what catalog looks like and how it functions.  What you’ll notice is that once your customers have downloaded the app they can see suggested shops, products and a search engine for searching across all of Shopify’s 35,000 stores currently.

Catalog by Shopify

Shopify Catalog - Products I Love

This is a great sales tool that ecommerce store owners who use can take full advantage of and should.  Recently Shopify updated the app and already since it was rolled out 2 months ago over 20,000 people have installed it on their iPads which is pretty impressive.  If you haven’t already signed up for a Shopify account and you are running or looking to run an ecommerce business then why not sign up for a free account and check out Shopify today.

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