Using Visibility Settings on Posts in WordPress

If you use WordPress on a regular basis then chances are you’ve created posts and pages for your WordPress sites.  What you may not know is that you can set the visibility of your posts if you are ready to publish or currently working on an article.  WordPress has 3 standard types of visibility including:

  1. Public
  2. Password Protect
  3. Private
Let’s look at how you can setup each visibility option on your posts in WordPress in greater depth.

Public – This is the WordPress default setting on post visibility so if you save a post without adjusting the visibility then everyone will be able to see the post on your website as you can see in the following screen shot:

Password Protected – This option gives the option to protect your article with a password that you give out to a specific person or group of people when they visit your website.

Once you’ve set up a password on the post you’ll notice that the article is marked “Protected” on your website’s front-end and has a field to enter the password.

After you’ve entered the password correctly the content will then appear however by default the article is still going to be marked as “Protected”.

Private -Much like it sounds this setting will keep your post from being visible to anyone on your website.  This is helpful if you are still editing your article and you aren’t ready to publish it just yet.

Depending on how you use WordPress posts its good to know that these visibility options can suite some of your publishing needs depending on what you want to display on your website or blog.

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