4 Reasons to Choose WP E-Commerce for Your WordPress Website

I’ve been hearing a lot about WP E-commerce plugin for WordPress over the past few months so I wanted to check it out a little bit further and decided to install it and play with it.  Having spent a lot of time working with ecommerce technologies in the past 5 years it’s nice to see when something that is built for ecommerce works the way you’d expect it to.

I’ve written a fair amount about the Shopp ecommerce plugin for WordPress and even worked on a few web development projects that used Shopp and decided it was time to check out what else is on the market.

Here are 4 reasons that I think you should look at the WP E-commerce plugin for your next WordPress ecommerce website including…

1. Price – It’s hard to beat a free plugin, but a free plugin that allows you to create an ecommerce site is great.  Keep in mind that the payment gateway add-ons will cost you to install on your ecommerce website but that is pretty reasonable in my opinion.

2. Pricing Options on the front end – Now this really impressed me because the plugin offers so many functions to help you price items from being able to set low quantities, regular and sale prices, SKUs, Table rate (aka “Matrix” pricing) that you can use for specific quantities of products if you are selling in volume, out of stock options, setting tax or disabling tax on individual products, product tags and more.  I mean there is enough functionality for a lot of online businesses to take advantage of here that makes it a strong competitor for people looking for ecommerce solutions for WordPress.

3. Heavily Customizable Store and Checkout Process – I love the fact that I can create custom fields on the checkout page and make them mandatory, select different types of fields and give them unique names if needed.

4. Enough payment gateways to get you started – You’ve got the ability to integrate with a number of payment gateways when you are working with the WP E-commerce plugin including PayPal (Pro 2.0, Payments Standard 2.0, Express Checkout 2.0), Google Checkout and ChronoPay.

Between the free price of the plugin, the fact that this plugin is heavily customizable and versatile and the fact that you’ve got a lot of options to manage your ecommerce website this plugin is worth a look if you are developing an ecommerce website for your business.


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    WP-Ecommerce is hard to beat on price but it hardly works straight out of the box. Simply do a Google search for “WP-Ecommerce not working” and you will find tons of people have problems with the plugin. I use it on several sites and am constantly having to “hack” or “fix” something on it. It is not really an ideal plugin for a non-techie but for a someone with skills it will do the trick.

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    Hey Chris,

    I definitely appreciate your feedback about WP Ecommerce. I do agree that it is a plugin not suited for the “non-techies” out there. I personally like the “hackability” factor as a lot of ecommerce systems and plugins are locked down in a lot of ways and sometimes almost seem counter-intuitive.


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