What Are DirectLinks and How Do They Work?

A friend of mine that does affiliate marketing turned me on to this concept called “DirectLink URLs” aka “DirectLink Tracking“. This is not the same as “direct linking” however it does allow you to do some really interesting things if you do affiliate marketing for your online business.  I’ve personally done some affiliate marketing and also worked in affiliate marketing in a past life and this is really a useful tool in your affiliate marketing toolbelt.

Regular Affiliate Marketing Link


DirectLink URL


So let’s talk about some of the advantages that you can help you if you are using DirectLink URLs to provide to your affiliate marketers

  • The visitor clicking on the link doesn’t know its an affiliate link – Depending on how get people to successfully convert to earn affiliate commissions the fact that people won’t know its an affiliate marketing link can help you earn more with DirectLink URLs.
  • The visitor cannot damage, hack or otherwise remove the URL parameters - This might prevent you to from getting those affiliate marketing commissions but with DirectLink URLs this keeps visitors from hijacking your affiliate marketing links
  • It’s a very search engine friendly way of affiliate marketing – In normal affiliate marketing links there are extra parameters that pass information back to affiliate marketing program.  These extra parameters can affect the SEO backlinks so the fact that DirectLink URLs don’t contain any parameters make it attractive from an SEO perspective

Now that you’ve heard some of the advantages of using DirectLinks its time to talk a little about how it works.

As you can see in the above diagram when a DirectLink is placed on an affiliate marketer’s page and a visitor clicks on it it then pasts the affiliate marketer’s page information via the HTTP REFFERER back to the affiliate marketing program tracking software.

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