What Are LinkedIn Visual Profiles and Why Should You Care

In the last few days LinkedIn has released that it will be now giving people the option to create visual profiles.  Now, for those of you wondering just what a visual profile is, much as it sounds its a way to showcase your unique professional story using rich, visual content on your LinkedIn profile.  As you can see here you can take pieces of your work (granted this might not apply to everyone) and add them into your LinkedIn profile.

Linkedin visual profiles

Keep in mind that this feature will only be rolled out to English-speaking countries first and that depending on the career you have it might help you in your career.  They seem to be focused on the attracting people in creative careers lately like web designers, architects, creative director and more but I am interested to see how accountants, scientists, business people and the rest of the LinkedIn community decides to use this new feature that LinkedIn will soon be offering.

LinkedIn Visual Profiles

As for why you should care about this feature, I am still not entirely sure you should.  Depending on the career you are in, I think depends a lot on whether or not you’ll find this feature useful.

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