What is the GCLID Parameter?

If you use Google Adwords to run part of your advertising for your website then you may notice a URL parameter called “gclid” attached to the destination URL that looks similar to this…


So what does this parameter do anyways?  What the gclid parameter does is it auto-tags links coming from a Google Ad so that data can be shared between your Google Adwords and Google Analytics accounts specifically.

How does this information show up in Google Analytics you might ask?  Well for example, if you are looking at the “Traffic Sources” in your Google Analytics account, having the auto-tagging feature enabled in Adwords allows information from PPC (pay per click) advertising using the gclid parameter.

How can I disable the gclid parameter from showing up in my Google Ads?

Disabling the gclid parameter in your Google Adwords account is very easy.  Just take the following steps to turn it off or turn it on…

Step 1: The first thing that you will need to do is log into your Google Adwords account and go to My Account >> Preferences.


Step 2: Under the Tracking section, you should see the option to edit auto-tagging.


Step 3: Lastly, what you are going to do is click “Edit” and you will see the option to either use auto-tagging or not auto-tagging simply with the click of a checkbox and you’ll all done.


Auto-tagging does help you track analytics in Google Analytics so please be sure to weigh checking this option because it does provide good insight into the analytics behind your website.

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