What you need to know about the #AmazonCart Twitter Hashtag

As a regular shopper on Amazon I can tell you that the new #AmazonCart is an interesting addition to selling online.  What the #AmazonCart hashtag allows you to do is add products to your cart in Amazon which you can later choose to buy.  This adds an interesting new disruption to selling socially.  No longer is social selling restricted to a Facebook page or simply sharing a product through your social media channels.  If you are selling products partly through Amazon’s marketplace this offers an interesting way to socialize and sell your products socially.

Here are some things you should know about the #AmazonCart hashtag:

  1. Its aimed solely at Twitter users to help sell products socially that are posted from Amazon
  2. Its not a checkout option – If you add a hashtag to a product you like on Twitter you still have to go to your Amazon account to buy the product and complete the sale
  3. When you’ve successfully added a product to your cart on Amazon you will receive a tweet back from @MyAmazon confirming you’ve added something to your cart

The goal of Amazon working with twitter in this fashion is a more seamless experience for the customer cutting down on having to click out of twitter and search Amazon for the same product you’ve found.  Check out Amazon’s video on this ecommerce functionality below.

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