When to Use Google’s Disavow SEO Tool

Google Disavow tool

In light of all the black-hat SEO link building practices that some shadier webmasters employ to get to the top of Google, the company has recently released a tool called the “Disavow” tool.  Sounds pretty cool right?  Kinda like saying “I disavow all knowledge” the tool does something similar to that but I think Google does a pretty good job of telling people what Disavow does…

Today we’re introducing a tool that enables you to disavow links to your site. If you’ve been notified of a manual spam action based on “unnatural links” pointing to your site, this tool can help you address the issue. If you haven’t gotten this notification, this tool generally isn’t something you need to worry about.

Source: A new tool to disavow links

The interesting thing about this tool is that it’s really designed to NOT be used by most webmasters and website owners unless absolutely necessary and for the novices out there its important to understand that this feature is not for the beginning or intermediate webmaster.  Only advanced webmasters only according to Google should be using this tool.  So what are the primary use cases to use the Disavow tool?  Here you go…

Main Use Case  for Using the Disavow tool- One of the most common reasons to use this tool is if you’ve hired a bad SEO company that has done some unethical SEO link building or if you made a mistake and employed black-hat or unethical SEO practices.

If  you don’t fall into this use case you can go through Google’s Webmaster Guidelines document (click here to get it) and take all the precautions to make sure you’re website follows all technical, quality and design and content guidelines to ensure that the SEO efforts on your site are accurate and up-to-date.

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