Ever Wanted to Know Who See’s what in Salesforce?

Who See's What in SalesforceOne of the key’s to Salesforce.com’s core power is the ability to create and administer your company’s own data model but for a lot of people out their sometimes these concepts can be confusing and challenging to implement.  They don’t have to be.

Salesforce recently released a series of videos called “Who sees what in Salesforce” which is definitely handy to bookmark and save away in case you ever need them.  What I like about them is that they are short and easily digestible for most people.  I’ve put together a list of what videos are currently available on YouTube so check them out today and start using them to clear up some of the mysteries of Salesforce data access for your company.  Enjoy!

Who See’s What – Overview

Who See’s What – Organization Access

Who See’s What – Organization-Wide Defaults

Who See’s What – Record Access Via Role Hierarchy

Who See’s What – Field Level Security

Who See’s What – Record Access via Sharing Rules

Who See’s What – Object Access


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