Why I Love Affiliate Marketing

Recently i checked in on one of my affiliate programs this is what i saw…

What a beautiful sight! When it comes to making money online in my opinion there is nothing better then money made from affiliate marketing. There are a few reasons in particular why I love affiliate marketing and have been involved with it over the past couple of years including…

  1. Great Commissions – There are a ton of affiliate programs out there today and as I like to say some are great and others are not so great! Not all affiliate marketing programs are created equal so do your research before you sign up
  2. Another channel of business that runs on its own – If you already have a site up and running then adding affiliate marketing to your site can help provide you an additional income stream.
  3. Being able to showcase products that I love – This reason is the “secret sauce” that the best affiliate marketers use to their advantage. If you love a product that you’ve used before its really easy to write a glowing product review. When was the last time you bought a product someone you met said that they hated? Probably never and that makes complete sense.

If you are starting to dabble in affiliate marketing just remember to do your research and promote products you’d buy because you love them. If you are trying to do the opposite it’ll probably be a lot harder and you’ll most likely give up.

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