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I’ve been a long time user of website themes going back about 13 years now when I created my first website for a web design company I had in college.  In my travels on the net, I came across a guy named Brian Gardner who would go on to create studio press and later sell it to copy blogger.  I remember buying some of his “revolution” themes and from then on I was hooked.  Since that time the company he started created the Genesis Framework, a number of hooks to make customizing your website easy and a strong following from about 86,000 users today.

Let me tell you a few reasons why I love Studiopress, the themes they release and the company that they are.

Excellent Customer Service – This is a strong differentiator between StudioPress and the rest of the WordPress theme companies out there today.  I’ve used their customer service in the past and they’ve not only been attentive and helpful but they’ve even helped to get me access to all the themes that StudioPress creates due to my previous theme purchases and realizing that I was a repeat customer.

The Genesis Framework – The fact that when you buy a theme from StudioPress you gain access to the Genesis Framework makes a very attractive edition to your WordPress Theme.  The Framework extends the functionality of the themes that StudioPress develops and gives you more control over customization without necessarily having to code everything.

StudioPress Plugins – StudioPress also develops its own plugins to work with their themes and the Genesis Framework.  The plugins meet key needs that users of StudioPress commonly have like creating hooks, SEO, social networking and more.  Check here to see a list of the plugins that StudioPress has developed.  http://www.studiopress.com/plugins

Ongoing Theme Development – A lot of times when you get involved with buying themes for your website you run the risk of support issues, companies disappearing over night, or buying a membership for all themes only to find out that there haven’t been any updates to the company’s theme catalog in a long time.  StudioPress has been around a long time and they release new themes very regularly and update their Genesis framework plugin on a regular basis as well so you won’t run into issues when you use StudioPress.

One last thing to consider is that I personally use StudioPress and in fact this site currently runs on the Genesis Framework and the Eleven40 theme.  If you happen to be looking at starting a website and are considering WordPress to run your website than I personally recommend StudioPress and if you are looking for new themes for your WordPress site you’ve got to check them out and you can do so by clicking here.

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