WooCommerce Releases Product Vendors Extension

Within the last few days WooCommerce released an extension called “Product Vendors”.  What the extension does is simple, it gives vendors the ability to sell products and earn commissions in a multi-vendor environment similar to amazon, ebay and etsy.  It a sense it allows you to create a marketplace on your WooCommerce WordPress website.  I can definitely see a lot of value in doing this but lets look at 3 key reasons that you will find this WordPress extension valuable for your WordPress site.

1. Pay your vendors quickly and easily – If you don’t have an extension like this on your website today than chances are you pay commissions to your vendors in a long and drawn out process.  The Product Vendors extension is a one stop connection to paypal accounts, commission rates and sales reports that you can use to pay vendors quickly and easily for completed sales.

2. It’s all about Collaborative selling baby! – Now this isn’t a new concept but on the internet its relatively new (like most things on the net today) where you can sell goods or services on behalf of the company who delivers the goods or services.  This in essence is the marketplace where multiple vendors can compete and collaborate to sell their goods.

Product Vendors - 01

3. Vendor Sales Reporting for you and your Vendors – This is a pretty cool features in Product Vendors because it does a few things including developing trust with your vendors when it comes to sales, allows you and your vendors to draw insights into what sells best in your marketplace and lets vendors manage their own store.

Product Vendors - 02

What I really like about this WordPress extension is that it not only empowers vendors but it creates that sense of trust between vendors and the marketplace that they sell in by letting them check their sales but also manage their own store.

The cost of this extension is $79 for a single site license, $99 for up to 5 sites and $199 for up to 25 sites but since I like you so much I want you to know there is a limited time offer to save 20% if you enter the following promo code: PVLAUNCH (when you checkout).  Click here to check out the Product Vendors extension from WooCommerce today.

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