WordPress 3.3 “Sonny” Released

This release from the team at WordPress is a fairly big one with some features that are allowing the application to advance into new areas of usability.  Some of the fixes related to this release are largely focused at the core users of WordPress and as plugin creators, web developers and the WordPress community at large.

Naturally with most releases its important to test before upgrading to a new version of WordPress or integrating new code and plugins into WordPress.  Let’s have a look at some of the big features included in this release…

  • Drag and Drop Uploader
  • New Toolbar
  • Tumblr Importer
  • Improved co-editing support
  • Pointer Tips for new release features
  • New Editor API
  • Improved Dashboard experience for users on iPad and other tablet PCs

Now out of that list let’s have a closer look at some of these features including the drag and drop uploader and Pointer Tips…

Using pointer tips in the new WordPress 3.3 makes it easier for people to understand how to use WordPress.  I do like the hover over navigation menus that are currently available however this is not really a “game changing” move in my opinion, its just nice to have.  The next thing that I want highlight is the Drag and Drop Uploader which is pretty cool in terms of a feature of the 3.3 release of WordPress and it makes it easier to add multiple images in a few simply drag and drop actions  as you can see below…

As you can see the drag and drop interface above is fairly easy to understand and use.  You do however still have the option to use the “browser uploader” as you can see if you just don’t like the drag and drop functionality.

Next to use the drag and drop functionality you open the directory on your PC with the files you want to move and simply drag them over and you are done.

Once you’ve finished dropping the files from your computer into WordPress you can then edit properties of the files you’ve uploaded using the Drag and Drop Uploader functionality.  Most of the 3.3 release of WordPress is UI-based which is a smart move as more and more people are choosing it to run their websites its good to see that their is a focus on improved usability.

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