WordPress releases some style with version 3.8

Well its a new year and there is a lot going on, maybe a few resolutions, some of which are already broken.  in the last month, WordPress recently released version 3.8 of this CMS solution.

WordPress 3.8 is named after bebop innovator Charlie Parker. Now I don’t get the reasoning behind naming this release for a bebop innovator but hey its a solid release regardless of its code name.  Click here to read more about WordPress 3.8 aka “Parker”

If you haven’t had a look at this version of WordPress then its high time you did for a number of reasons including:

  • Mobile design enhancements
  • Color themes, fonts and styles to make WordPress more usable
  • Theme management

What I really like about this release is that it has made WordPress highly usable on mobile devices.  I personally use my iPad and iPhone to update content on Website-Experts.ca so knowing that WordPress has my interests in mind makes WordPress administration even more accessible, easier to use and allows me to update from wherever possible.  Outside of this obvious win, I can also customize the color scheme of the WordPress admin area if I want to and the typography and menu navigation enhancements that have been added just feel a little bit slicker and more organic.

Lastly as with previous releases of WordPress they’ve done it again creating a new theme for a new year called “twenty fourteen” and if you haven’t seen it you can click here to view this magazine style theme or update your existing WordPress to version 3.8 to check out this new theme on your site.


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